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Aviorace was founded in 2004 with the aim of becoming the first real distributor of electronic components exclusively dedicated to Motorsport.

After years of commercial growth, resources development, acquisitions and a strong support from the TecnoElettra Group, which Aviorace constitutes an integral part of, we are now able to provide complete design, manufacturing and technical assistance for any racing or small series vehicle.

The recent push towards technology transfer has opened the doors to new and different sectors, from Industrial to Railways. The customer base of Aviorace, Aviorace USA and of the distributors in the Far East and Oceania guarantees a significant global coverage.



From September 2020, we offer a new bench testing service with the Dynapack DAQ-53 4WD hub system.
This test bench allows you to measure the real power delivered by the engine even on 4-wheel drive cars, with extremely accurate and reproducible results.
The testing service is performed in our brand-new test room, equipped with complete soundproofing, smoke management system, engine cooling fans and a comfortable office with a large window overlooking the test room, where you can work on data acquisition while vehicle tests are being performed.



Starting from the 2021 season, the Italian Superbike Championship Elf CIV adopts the single MoTeC engine control unit.
Aviorace has been selected as the sole distributor of the dedicated ECU and offers complete technical support for the installation of mandatory products, as well as all the optional products available.
In the dedicated website section, you can find a complete and customized set of documentation for each brand.


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