AVIORACE is a market leading provider of electrical and electronic solutions for customers in the Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Industries.
With nearly fifteen years experience, dealing with the most important connectors manufacturers, regarding specific  catalog items and bespoke applications, we represent the REAL CONNECTOR SPECIALIST.
Our experience and specialization on Motorsport applications, allow us to give a specialist support during your design and development with electronic drawings and 3D models.
In these years we have collaborated on many projects ranging from F1 to Moto GP, exclusive road cars, power boats, military and avionic applications... and we cannot resist to win new challenges.

A STORY OF RACES : Our company is the result of the love of motorsports and races. When we founded AvioRace, we started just from our technical knowledge and the need to live our passion fully. Today our reality provides components for the most successful teams and brands of any competition!

Our winning formula is simple: we start from our experience in races and we add technical innovations. This way we can solve the common problems that a race bike or car faces. And we also improve performance and durability!

THE SEARCH FOR PERFECTION :We’re proud to say that our products are part of a lt of winnings! From Formula One to MotoGP, through rallies and races of any kind, AvioRace provides a full range of high-quality solutions. Sensors, connectors and customized products are the core business of our company. Many teams rely on our know-how to implement the best components for their needs.

The same solutions that helped winning so many races are now available for you too! Feel free to ask our customer service for suggestions and tips on how to improve your car or motorbike. Together we will find the right components for your needs!


Vision: To add value and to be leader in several sectors where Hi-Tech and Electronics are key factors.

Mission: To deliver flexible, fast, premium and hi-tech motorsport solutions with passion, continuing to seek innovative partnerships and slots for development opportunities, to make the difference and keep the gap.


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